How to buy on LocalBitcoins and not get scammed

– The most important tip is  DO NOT CHOOSE A SELLER BASED ON PRICE! Pick based on their history. Lets say you want to buy 0.5BTC. A well established seller has a price of $350 a bitcoin and his less reputable competition is charging $320BTC. You will pay the reputable seller $175 or the weaker seller$160 for that .05BTC. It is not worth losing all your money to save $15.
– Make sure you have 2FA (2 factor authentication) enabled on your account BEFORE starting any trade or transferring any bitcoin.
– Always start a trade from clicking on the “BUY BITCOINS” link at the top of the page. If you advertise in the forums many of the responses will be from scammers.
– Do not respond to ads in the forums. Most are spammers or sellers with dubious reputations that cannot get business any other way.
– Read the seller’s profile before starting the trade


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